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(Distributed: Jan. 16, 2018)


Public Power Team Working to Keep Consumers Warm

ALBERTVILLE, AL – Cold temperatures across the area are placing additional demands on the power system, and TVA (MUB) team members are working hard to ensure you remain safe and warm.
Until the temperature moderates on Thursday afternoon, January 18, residents can help reduce their future power bills – and help ensure continued reliable power for their neighbors – by taking a few simple actions:

  • Turning thermostats down just a degree or two makes a big difference. For every degree below 68 degrees, the savings could be as much as three percent of your future power bills. MUB is taking its own advice and has lowered the thermostats in its own facilities.

  • Delay using large appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and electric dryers during peak demand periods – typically between 6 and 9 o’clock in the evening and morning hours.

  • If the weather is sunny, open your window coverings on the sunny side of the house to let nature’s heat help keep you comfortable. Keep the window coverings closed on shaded sides to help add insulation to keep the heat indoors.

Additional energy saving tips for keeping your house comfortable and lowering power bills all year long can be found here.

During temperature extremes, don’t forget to check on relatives, friends and neighbors to ensure their safety. Pets and livestock will also need a helping hand to remain safe. For more information about TVA and its 84-year mission of service to the Tennessee Valley, click here.

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